Sunset Covenant Community Garden

18555 NW Rock Creek Boulevard
Portland, Oregon

Welcome to Sunset Covenant Community Garden

Sunset Covenant Community Garden 2016 (Before any work has commenced)

Located in the Rock Creek neighborhood of NW Portland, Sunset Covenant Church is a highly visible and accessible gathering place that serves a diverse community. We will be working closely with the congregation to complete a multi-phased project over the next couple years, building accessible gardens around the church property and establishing a multitude of programs to educate and engage both the church and neighboring communities. Gardens will be available for any who are interested, and surplus harvest will be shared with the community through both a Sharing Table (to be located in front of the church), and the Rock Creek Food Pantry.

Phase 1

The first phase involves transforming the north side of the church into an accessible raised bed garden and a tranquil edible perennial garden which will be completed in two separate stages.

  • In stage one existing plants will be removed and the ground roughly graded.  The raised beds will be built, irrigation laid if utilized and the soil installed and prepped.  The pathways will be installed with bark mulch, and vegetables will be planted in the beds.
  • Stage two involves removing the existing shrubs and trees in the bed on the northwest corner of the church, improving the soil and grading and incorporating edible perennial plants, shrubs and a tree. The following garden design plan is a draft and will modified to meet needs of the church community and populations served.

Phase 2

Phase two involves building accessible raised vegetable garden beds on the land to the southwest side of the Rock Creek Boulevard entrance of the church building. The small nook that is viewed from inside the school will also be addressed – perhaps with native plants. A mosaic mural may be planned to decorate the wall of the handicapped walkway on the northwest side of the entrance. Details will be fleshed out as funding and interest build.

Phase 3

Phase three involves the land to the east of the building, just west of 185th Avenue. Accessible raised bed garden beds will be designed and installed. A garden for the children attending the Mustard Seed Preschool will also be designed and installed. Details will be developed as funding and interest build.