Friends of the Portland Memory Garden works to enhance the lives of individuals with memory disorders and their caregivers by maintaining the Portland Memory Garden and providing therapeutic and educational activities.   To learn more about this amazing organization and their scheduled events, please visit their website:


Parkrose United Methodist Church is an accessible gathering space that serves a diverse community in Northeast Portland. Home to several congregations, the Parkrose Food Pantry, and host of Pub Theology, Parkrose United Methodist Church has partnered with Community Cultivators improve accessibility in the community garden and build greater community through garden related workshops, classes and events. To learn more about this organization, visit their website:


Sunset Covenant Church is a prominent neighborhood establishment that is devoted to building a safe and engaging community. Home to three separate congregations and the Mustard Seed Preschool, Sunset Covenant Church has partnered with Community Cultivators to provide accessible gardens, address food security issues in the area, and host a variety of programs to educate and engage both the church and neighboring communities. To learn more about this organization, visit their website:



Taborspace pursues partnerships with non-profit organizations, such as Community Cultivators, that offer free services to the community at their events.  Taborspace is interested in expanding the community and bringing new free resources that support the lives of current community members. Taborspace also wants to encourage new organizations and individuals to join the community, creating more connections and maximizing the use of their historic building. To learn more about Taborspace, visit their website: