Board of Directors

Roger Anunsen

Roger Anunsen is a brain health educator and program consultant based in Portland, Oregon where he teaches college gerontology courses including The Aging Mind, Applied Legal & Policy Issues in Aging and Cognitive Activity Design.

Roger has been working in the field of memory and aging since 2001 and is a founder and co-principal in MINDRAMP Consulting that provides brain health and wellness events, staff training programs and educational courses.  His educational method was developed over the past decade of hands-on experience teaching older adults and health care professionals how to apply the latest breakthroughs from neuroscience.  Roger presented the MINDRAMP Method© at the First Global Conference on Ageing at the University of Oxford and, with his MINDRAMP partner Michael C. Patterson, conducted a sold-out seven-hour brain health seminar at the Smithsonian Institution.

Roger and Michael have authored Strong Brains, Sharp Minds (2015), Cognitive Activity Design (2015) and Better Brains by Design (2016).

Kate Bodin

Kate Bodin, MEd, HTR is the Executive Director of Community Cultivators. She completed the Legacy Health/Portland Community College Horticultural Therapy Program, and in addition holds a Masters of Creative Arts and Learning. Kate teaches horticulture classes at Portland Community College Rock Creek Campus.

Previously, Kate oversaw the horticultural therapy program at Earthtones Music Therapy Services in Portland, OR and implemented several thriving horticultural therapy programs for older adults throughout the region. In addition, she developed and implemented a comprehensive horticultural therapy internship program, and continues to train interns through her work with Community Cultivators.  Prior to that she worked for over twenty years in higher education – eleven of those years as the dean in two art colleges.

Kate’s clinical experience includes service in residential homes, assisted living sites, hospitals and day programs. She has worked with people diagnosed with dementia, physical, behavioral and cognitive disabilities, as well as older adults in assisted living and wellness settings.

Kate is an avid and experienced gardener, educator and outdoorswoman. A passionate cook, Kate loves creating nourishing and healthy meals from the produce she picks in her garden.


Patty Cassidy

Patty Cassidy, M.A., HTR is a registered horticultural therapist and Master Gardener who specializes in working with seniors. She has been associated with WTR for almost 6 years.  Patty is the president of the Friends of the Portland Memory Garden, one of only two public gardens in the U.S. designed for people living with memory disorders and for their caregivers. Her book The Illustrated Practical Guide to Gardening for Seniors was published in the fall of 2011 by Anness Press in England, followed by a condensed paperback edition, The Age-Proof Garden, from Southwater Books in January 2013.




Tina Smith, MBA is a Senior Solution Architect and Minority Stakeholder at Dataccuity in Hillsboro, Oregon. She holds an Masters in Business Administration from Curry College.

She has been workingin the financial field since 2001 and brings a strong financial background to Community Cultivators. She relocated to Portland in 2012 after falling in love with the Pacific Northwest. When she isn’t working or volunteering with Villages Northwest she enjoys hiking with her camera and getting lost in the beauty of the Pacific NW, taking pictures along the way.